An italian firm of architects and interior designers specialising in commercial, residential and scenography.

The LaCap architetture studio is composed by the architects Marco Lanzetta and Francesca Capitani, who work together since 1999. Since the beginning we have always dealt with internal renovations of apartments, shops, restaurants and bar, mainly in Rome and for private customers.

In redesigning the interior spaces we always try to free the domestic space from useless spaces and from repetitions, often present in traditional housing, without however renouncing the domestic comfort and the hierarchies between the spaces. We believe that in redesigning domestic spaces is important to create visual alignments and internal circularity to give air and breath to the home, even with the help of light and views coming from the windows.

In many of our works we have included furniture and furnishing elements created by us, made by trusted artisans, using mainly simple materials, such as wood left natural, split stone and iron. 


Federico G. Ferrante


It’s an interdisciplinary process characterized by creativity, beauty sensibility and technical knowledges.


The first phase of our creative process consists in sharing and understanding the client’s ideas and requests, working with images and creating a first concept project.


Thanks to the models (physical or 3D) and drawings we design our projects, in full synergy with the clients.


Every building site is an opportunity for us to learn new knowledge from the workers. During these final phases, we are present for the entire duration, checking the quality of the realizations.